Techie Homeschool Photography Club

...Join other homeschoolers online for photo adventures... 

Students will complete 12 photo adventures, then share their photos in our safe online clubhouse. They’ll create projects with their photos and learn to review each other’s work, all while connecting with other homeschool families.

The free offer is over, but you can still sign up for 1/2 off!

How does the Techie Homeschool Photography Club work?

  • You’ll register your family for the Techie Homeschool Photography Club.
  • You’ll sign up for the Photography 4 Kids course on Udemy
  • For 12 weeks, you'll log into the Techie Homeschool Photography Club to discover a new photo adventure from the Photography 4 Kids course. 
  • Kids will upload their photos from the week to the private online clubhouse and give each other feedback.
  • Kids will read books and watch videos to learn about the history of and careers in photography.
  • Kids will use webtools to complete projects with their photos. They'll learn about photo-editing, graphic design and video creation.
  • Everyone will connect with other homeschool families who also have an interest in photography.

What do I need? 

  •  A digital camera or mobile phone with a camera 
  • "Photography 4 Kids" course from Udemy. CLICK HERE to purchase the course for a discounted price of $20. 
  • A free account with Cluster.

What will my children get out of this? 

  • photography skills 
  • graphic design instruction 
  • supervised online social interaction  
  • online collaboration experience 
  • relationships with other homeschoolers 

Who can partipate?

  • Homeschool families with elementary-aged children.

Sign up for only $12.50 today!